Boundaries of Belonging

Course Schedule

Week One

2/2 on zoom (full class)


2/5 on zoom (full class)

History and Estrangement. Fatima El-Tayeb, “Stranger in My Own Country” (2011). (Interventions)

Week Two

2/9 on zoom; 2/12 on zoom

1789 in France: Popular Upheavals and Political Declarations. (Sources)

Human Rights. Lynn Hunt, “The Consequences of Declaring” (2007). (Keywords)

1789-91 in Haiti: The Rights of Free Men of Color. (S)

Week Three

2/16 on zoom; 2/19 on zoom

War and Abolition in the Atlantic: France, Haiti, Britain, 1792 – 1795. (Webs)

Archival Power. Michel-Rolph Trouillot, “The Three Faces of Sans Souci” (1995). (I)

Week Four

2/23 on zoom; 2/26 on zoom

Nationalism. Benedict Anderson, Imagined Communities (1983), selections. (K)

1832 in Poland: Perspectives on Polish Independence. (S)

Week Five

3/2 on campus; 3/5 on zoom

1830-38 in Britain: Swing, Reform, and Abolition. (S)

Industrialization. Charles Dickens, “The Signal-Man” (1866); Karl Marx, Fragment on Machines (1858). (K)

Week Six

3/9 on campus; 3/12 on zoom

National Unification and Civil War: Italy, Germany, France, 1871. Kristin Ross, “Beyond the ‘Cellular Regime of Nationality'” (2015). (W)

Communism. Sheila Fitzpatrick “Insulted and Injured” (2000). (K)

Week Seven

3/16 on campus; 3/19 on zoom (Take-home midterm due)

1871 – 1919 in Britain: The Struggle for Women’s Suffrage. (S)

Imperialism. W.E.B. Du Bois, “The African Roots of War” (1915). (K)

Week Eight

3/23 on campus; 3/26 on zoom

Postwar Ruptures: Central Europe to South Asia, 1917 – 1919. (W)

Diaspora and Nation. Theodore Weeks, “Jews and Others in Vilna-Wilno-Vilnius” (2013). (I)

Week Nine

3/30 on zoom (full class)

Fascism. Robert Paxton, The Anatomy of Fascism (2004), selections; Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, The Manifesto of Futurism (1909). (K)

Week Ten

4/6 on campus; 4/9 on zoom

The Furies Return: Spain, Italy, Ethiopia, 1936. (W)

The Holocaust and Memory. Charlotte Delbo, “None of Us Will Return” (1965); Kazik (Simha Rotem), Memoirs of a Warsaw Ghetto Fighter (1994), selections. (I)

Week Eleven

4/13 on campus; 4/16 on zoom

Decolonization. Beverley Bryan, et al., “Chain Reactions: Black Women Organizing” (1985); Robin Kelley, “A Poetics of Anticolonialism” (1999). (K)

Counter-Insurgency in the Metropole: Algeria and France, 1961. (W)

Week Twelve

4/20 on campus; 4/23 on zoom

Forgetting 1968. Kristin Ross, “The Police Conception of History” (2002). (I)

Civil Rights and Social Polarization: 1968 in Britain and Ireland. (S)

Week Thirteen

4/27 on campus; 4/30 on zoom

The Transition to Post-Communism: Central and Eastern Europe, 1989-1992. (W)

Ethnographies of Post-Communism: Kristen Ghodsee, Lost in Transition (2011), selections. (I)

Week Fourteen

Wrapping Up. 5/4 on zoom (full class)

(5/11 Take-home final due)


Supplemental materials can be found on the Contents page.